by Jared Tredway

Christina Robertson

GTAC Artist Member // My answer was always “Everything!” when friends and family asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. Of course, over time, I realized it was extremely difficult to for one person and quickly learned I couldn’t make a living painting the things I loved most. So I enrolled in my dream school, the Art Institute of Dallas, and majored in graphic design to help support my love for painting. I have been honing my freelance career since graduating in 2014. Juggling life, multiple careers, motherhood, and getting a degree all at once is me doing “everything!” My dreams come true every day and I hope I can inspire my children every day.

Christina primarily works in acrylic paint, mixed media, graphic arts and illustration. She has work for sale in multiple venues, and she is available for commissioned work. To learn more about Christina, email her or follow her on social media platforms:

Christina's Recent Work