History of Ghost Town

by Jared Tredway

Late one night back in 2007 Dr. Jean Roelke found herself driving around town to collect her thoughts. She was angry, frustrated, and bored with her life situation, and she desperately wanted and needed a venue for true, simple unadulterated creative-self expression. Ghost Town was born from that moment of intense frustration. She got together with a small group of like-minded artists, and with her father’s legal help, formed a non-profit organization that set up their first exhibition at the “Ghost Town” commercial development at the corner of 1417 and highway 691. Since that first show, the venues have changed, and collaborative artists have come and gone, but the spirit of Ghost Town has remained the same: a venue for self-expression. In the past couple of years, in partnership with Ruth Williamson, Ghost Town has established itself as Texoma’s Creative Arts Center, with permanent exhibition and workshop spaces at Ideation Station in Downtown Sherman.