by Jared Tredway

Eli LoveJoy

Director + Contributing Artist // Jared Tredway grew up in Windom, Texas, a small town about 80 miles northeast of Dallas. His childhood was spent carving tunnels in maize fields, drawing whimsical castles, putting on productions for his school class, and building Lego cities and stick forts in the forest. In grade school he explored music, art, and theater as well as writing and literature. At Texas A&M University he majored in architecture and studied photography with Susan Kirchman. After completing his formal education, Jared returned to north Texas and joined David Baca Studio (an architecture firm) as a project manager and interior design director. He has been humbled and honored to perform with the Sherman Symphony Orchestra and the Sherman Community Players, and proud to have served on the board of DSP&R (Downtown Sherman Now!) during the development and implementation of the streetscape enhancement project and revitalization efforts. Jared also served as the chair of the North Texas Young Professionals, and initiated its Pillars Forum, a celebration of influential community leaders. In 2014, Jared began studying acting with Theresa Bell in Dallas, and signed with Damaris Grogan at the Clutts Agency. The following year, Jared participated in Theresa Bell’s short film production “Lullaby,” after which he was inspired to write and produce his own short entitled “Receptivity.” In the fall of 2015 Jared moved to Los Angeles, joining the architecture firm Uberion while continuing his acting studies with Lesly Kahn and Scott Barnes and Matt Snyder at Studio Four. During this time Jared maintained his presence in North Texas, and in 2016 he founded the Tredway Workshop, a multidisciplinary design build firm focused on modernist residences and boutique commercial projects. He joined the Ghost Town Arts Collective in 2019 and he is excited to be a part of its growth. The GTAC Membership elected him to the position of Director at its annual meeting in March 2020. In September 2020, he began on one of his greatest expressions of creativity yet and changed his name to Eli LoveJoy.

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MeLissa Eason

MeLissa Eason

Co-Director for Educational Programming + Artist Member // MeLissa Eason has always looked to the Arts to maintain her sanity. Whether it was through music, literature, or painting, she has always enjoyed creating and basking in others’ creativity. As a child, she lived on the outskirts of Sherman, writing poetry to the butterflies, illustrating books about her imaginary friends, often wearing her own sewn creations. As an adult, she has similar hobbies, but with more responsibilities. MeLissa has lived in several places (all in Texas), before finding her way back to Sherman with her own children, who are now grown. She believes that Art, no matter the medium, is the way that we share our stories. Sharing stories is not only good for the creator, it is crucial for learning about and relating to others. MeLissa has her dream job, library administrator, where she can continue her pursuit of lifelong learning and help others with theirs. She enjoys going to community events and spending time with family, friends, and 2 dogs. MeLissa works in acrylics, watercolor, mixed-media, oil pastels, and photography.

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Jean Roelke PhD

Director of Records and Archives + Co-Director for Instructional Programming + Contributing Artist // “I am an artist and a poet. Making art is a contemplative practice, that keeps me grounded in the here and now. The arts have been important for me since I was a child, as a way to explore ideas and feelings, to think and reflect. I write, paint, sculpt and make books. I work with language and image in diverse media, have worked on journals, and ran a small press. I enjoy collaborating with other artists, and learning from them. My methods are playful and experimental. I tend to express my feelings and ideas in vivid colors and textures. I like to make work that you can touch. I want to make work that touches you.

Jean Roelke has a B.A. in Art, from Austin College, and a Doctorate in Creative Writing from the University of North Texas, where she is currently working on an MFA in Sculpture. She began teaching English at UNT in 2003, and retired in 2020.  She now works as a Creativity Coach.

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Ruth Williamson

Co-Director for Finance + Artist Member

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Amy Hoffman-Shehan

Co-Director for Retail + Contributing Artist // My recent creations in recycled silk sari yarn are inspired by lifelong interests.  I started sewing at age 9, learned to crochet while in High School and learned to knit while a college student. I am also a third- generation recycler and volunteered sorting recycling for the City of Richardson Recycling Center as a pre-teen. I became interested in other environmental issues as a result of developing chemical sensitivities after two cases of exposure that caused asthmatic reactions.

Since becoming chemically sensitive, I’ve searched for ways to express my creativity that don’t include chemical exposure. Discovering recycled silk sari yarn offers the opportunity to explore many loves – color, texture, recycling and repurposing, and jewelry.

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