by Jared Tredway

Lee Harlan

GTAC Artist Member // I’m Lee Harlan a local artist from the Texoma area and have a degree in Photography and have won several awards.  Many of my works are in the traditional form of photography and some are in a mix media of photography and graphic art.  My Landscapes are usually more traditional and most are from my travels to Mid United States to the Southern States.  The world in my landscapes have many views like a graceful bird flying to a colorful sunset beaming with color.  I like to think my photos are similar to a blink of the eye and a reminder that with a fast shutter speed or multiple shots you can capture images you would have missed.  But you will also see my abstract side in which I have added more color to a photo or have manipulate it with textures and light.  Hope you enjoy my work from either side of my style of photography.

Lee is available for commission. Connect with her via email at