by Jared Tredway

The Lowbrow Hoedown is postponed until 2022!

The Hoedown is a grassroots event started in 2019 as a way to showcase local artists. What makes us different than any other art event/organization? We strive to reach the artist that doesn’t know they are an artist yet. We don’t set a barrier for what is art. Our events are special affairs. We focus on the community that surrounds the art and not just the art or artist. This year we are teaming up with the Ghost Town Arts Collective on the Hoedown and moving the venue to the GTAC gallery and the 100 block of South Travis Street! Here are all the details and the scoop on how to participate:

When is the Lowbrow Hoedown? What all happens
at the Hoedown?

This year the Hoedown is POSTPONED until 2022 due to Covid-19. We will start setting up around 2 PM and the music, art sales, and food vendors will be ready around 4 PM.

I might want to be a Hoedown Artist. What do I do?

We can’t wait to see your art! At the hoedown we keep the submission process pretty simple. Each artist can submit one piece of art because we like having lots of artists! All you have to do is email Joe at to let him know that you’re coming, and then show up on TBD at the Ghost Town Arts Collective to drop off your art! Even if you don’t email Joe, you can still just show up. Or if you have any questions you can email Joe. You will leave your piece on the 9th and we will make an exhibition tag for you, and then you can show up on the 20th with your friends and family to enjoy the fun times!

What kinds of art do you accept?

We don’t really discriminate much. How do you express yourself? We probably will love it! If you have any questions or concerns you are welcome to ask by emailing Joe, but you can pretty much count on being accepted here.

I’d like to be a vendor and have a booth at the hoedown. How do I do that?

We’re so glad you’d like to join us and sell your wares! We only have a couple of basic requirements for vendors: you can only bring stuff to sell that is art/craft related that you made yourself. Like handmade wares. No mass-produced stuff and no antiques. If you have any questions you can always email Joe. Or if you’re in, you can fill out the registration form below and afterwards you’ll be redirected to pay your $25 registration fee online! It’s easy! Then show up on the day of the hoedown at 2:00 PM or so. We will have a folding table for you, and you can bring additional displays if you’d like. The booth spaces are 10’x10′.