by Jared Tredway
MeLissa Eason

MeLissa Eason

GTAC Artist Member + Advisory Council Member // MeLissa Eason has always looked to the Arts to maintain her sanity. Whether it was through music, literature, or painting, she has always enjoyed creating and basking in others’ creativity.

As a child, she lived on the outskirts of Sherman, writing poetry to the butterflies, illustrating books about her imaginary friends, often wearing her own sewn creations. As an adult, she has similar hobbies, but with more responsibilities. MeLissa has lived in several places (all in Texas), before finding her way back to Sherman with her own children, who are now grown. She believes that Art, no matter the medium, is the way that we share our stories. Sharing stories is not only good for the creator, it is crucial for learning about and relating to others. MeLissa has her dream job, library administrator, where she can continue her pursuit of lifelong learning and help others with theirs. She enjoys going to community events and spending time with family, friends, and 2 dogs.

MeLissa works in acrylics, watercolor, mixed-media, oil pastels, and photography.

MeLissa's Recent Work