by Jared Tredway

“To see the world, things dangerous to come to,
to see behind walls, draw closer, to find each other and to feel.

That is the purpose of life.”
-James Thurber

The Life of the Ghost Town exhibition represented a unique and intimate look into the real lives of Ghost Town artists and community members. The exhibition is designed in conjunction with the conclusion of the Sherman Cultural District’s Focalpoint project with the goal of bringing more images of life to the fantastic body of art, architecture, and nature photography already submitted to Focalpoint. Scroll through these photos to experience the exhibition in sequence as it was exhibited in the gallery:

Selected images were exhibited March 7th through June 22nd, 2020 at the GTAC in conjunction with sections from the assembled body of work from Focalpoint. Exhibiting artists included:

Jeff Anderson
Peter Anderson
Kaitlyn Brown
Scott Caldwell
Trace Calverley
Christina Croninger
Derrick Faber
Jennifer Haskett
Dana Henderson
Wanda Holmes-Oliver
Nick Hummert
Karl Kight
Jennifer Knight
Nathaniel Lightfoot
Jessica Mahone
Sarah Meyers
Melissa Millsap
Ann Nikirk
Shannon Orr
Anthony Pena
Landry Pierce
Robyn Raggio
Megan Rose
Kathryn Scheibmeir
David Sroufe
Joe Steinmetz
Nate Strauch
Erin Talley
Jared Tredway
Sean Vanderveer
Cary Wacker
Ruth Williamson
Mike Zapata