by Jared Tredway
Wanda Holmes-Oliver

Wanda Holmes-Oliver

GTAC Contributing Artist // I am a photographer, writer, local historian, and educator living and working in northeast Texas. I am also a bit of a mad scientist, reveling in exploration and experimentation. In addition to analog imagery and digital photography, I have a passion for alternative processes, such as chemigrams, lumen prints, manipulated polaroid film, and cyanotypes. I am committed to the idea of artists lifting one another up, and paying forward into our society through the gift of our creative efforts. I believe art is a fundamental right and essential element of every human life. As artists we are keepers of the flame.

When I was a child, I would walk about our farm on a spring day amid wildflowers, sunshine, and birdsong, and sing ‘hosannas’. These were just made up vocals arising from the enormous bounty of pure joy I felt at being alive and in the presence of splendor. As an adult, it is hard to find that pureness of spirit, but in the making of art I find something akin to it. My work is anchored in that sense of celebration and awe. It is my paean to life in the flesh on this rock among the stars.

Each piece contains a bit of me, a slice of time, and an array of memories – what inspiration led to that particular piece, what challenges were faced in putting it together, the quality of the light at that moment, what the paper felt like, how the chemicals smelled, the heft of the camera in my hand. While the viewer cannot share these memories, I believe the captured energy is palpable.

Wanda is primarily a photographer, mixed-media artist, and book maker. Her prints are available through the GTAC Retail Store, and she is available for commissioned work and collaboration. To learn more or to connect with Wanda, visit her web site at